Please be aware that this website contains information that you may find distressing. It is important that you are in a safe place before you read it and are able to access support, including our helpline.

Help, support and counselling for rape and sexual violence victims and survivors in Bedfordshire

The Hope Programme is an independent registered charity, with a telephone helpline and counselling for people aged over 10 years who have suffered rape and sexual violence, including child sexual abuse.  Our services are also available to their non offending family members, partners and carers.

Breaking News February  2017

The Hope Programme is delighted to announce that we have been awarded a substantial grant from the Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund. The grant for 2017-2020 will enable us to review Hope, build our skills, knowledge and confidence so we deliver outcomes to our beneficiaries, more effectively and sustainably.

The grant will fully fund a new service delivery manager and a new administrator/volunteer co-ordinator, plus general running costs.

Margaret Barker, the CEO said. ” Thanks to the Big Lottery we will be able to ensure that victims and survivors of sexual abuse in Bedfordshire receive the help they want, when they want it.  We anticipate more than 400 people over three years will be able to cope and recover from the abuse and move on to better lives.  We will be able to look at new services, such as coaching  and build on our strengths.

The funding is a testimony to the dedication and professionalism of our counsellors, volunteers and trustees who have freely given their time and expert skills and importantly stayed with Hope, a relatively small but ambitious charity, through hard and better times.  It also recognises those over the years who have bravely asked for help against all odds and shaped our service.

Thank you very much to the Big Lottery’s Reaching Communities Team for acknowledging our work and the critical role of rape and sexual violence support centres, this funding will make a BIG difference.”

April 2017 – Central Beds Council with SafeLives, a national domedtic violence charity want to hear from you about services in Central Bedfordshire that are available for people who have experienced domestiv abuse. They want to know what services are needed and feedback on your experiences of accessing services. Come along on either Tuesday 2 May in Dunstable or Friday 12 May in Biggleswade.For details call or text Danielle on 07785619951 or email –